About the Foundation

Name(in English) Matsuguchi Scholarship Foundation < MSF >
(A public interest incorporated foundation)
Address Honmachi DS Building 1-5-8 Azuchimachi Chuo-ku, Osaka JAPAN 541-0052
Founded June 15th 2012 (April 1st 2015 accredited a public interest incorporation by Prime Minister)
Founder Tadashi MATSUGUCHI (Representative, OSP Group)
Purpose Aiming for developing talented domestic and overseas students who will contribute to the peace, the prosperity and the advancement of culture in Southeast Asia/East Asia, including Japan by scholarship activities.


Councilor Toshiaki KUBOI (Representative Partner, KUBOI & PARTNERS LAW OFFICE)
Councilor Atsushi SASAKURA (Professor, Faculty of Business and Commerce, Kansai University)
Councilor Takahiko MIZUTANI (Chairman, Marusho Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd.)
Councilor Hiroyuki IKEDA (Vice Chairman, Resona Bank, Limited)
Councilor Takayuki FUJITA (Senior Managing Director, Osaka Sealing Printing Co., Ltd.)
Representative trustee Tadashi MATSUGUCHI (Representative, OSP Group)
Executive trustee Toshihiro TSUMORI (Director, OSP Holdings Co., Ltd.)
Trustee Mineo IMAMURA (Representative Partner, KUBOI & PARTNERS LAW OFFICE)
Trustee Shinji INOUE (Director, Executive Managing Officer, The Senshu Ikeda Bank, Ltd. )
Trustee Kazuo NAKAGAWA (General Manager, Abenobashi Branch, Mizuho Bank, Ltd.)
Trustee Takumi NAKAI (General Manager, Tsuruhashi Branch, The Kinki Osaka Bank, Ltd.)
Trustee Hiroaki ONISHI (General Manager, Tamatsukuri Branch, MUFG Bank, Ltd.)
Auditor Hiroshi OKAMOTO (Tax Accountant, Okamoto Tax Accountant Office)
Auditor Yutaka MINOBE (Representative Partner, HIIRAGI TAX CORPORATION)