Message from the Representative trustee / Founder

創立者 松口 正

Since 1927, when my grandfather Ukichi Matsuguchi established the company, Osaka Sealing Printing Co., Ltd. has served the packaging industry and manufactured a wide variety of products including seals, labels, stickers, labeling machines, and more. OSP has also developed numerous technologies and products, and expanded into the fields of flexible packaging materials and paper containers as well as functional labeling such as RFID. Additionally, OSP received Japan’s first patent in self-labeling, and has successfully undertaken many challenges such as in-house rotary die cutting, the development of OSP’s own rotary letterpress equipment and the utilization of UV ink, and the manufacture of tack paper. For almost 90 years, OSP has maintained its ideology of enterprise and putting customers first. This is not only due to the united efforts of our employees, but also the result of the prosperous expansion of our society. With globalization ever further progressing, we began this scholarship in 2015 in the hopes of supporting ambitious and talented young individuals. Although it is a modest amount of money, we wish to give back to society and hope to invest in long-term stability, development, and peace building in Asia.
Representative trustee / Founder Tadashi Matsuguchi